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Qigong Retreat with Lorrie Formella


October 25, 900-400

Fee:  $165  includes day-long retreat, The Healing Promise of Qi by Dr. Roger Jahnke, which includes detailed instruction on the form, philosophy and physiology, lunch and a journal. 

Join Lorrie Formella for a rejuvenating day-long Qigong retreat. No experience necessary!

 Participants will learn:

  • How to activate "the healer within" 
  • Practices from the 9 Phase Integral Qigong™ Forms are integrated from an array of traditional ancient forms from Dr. Jahnke's perennial classic The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi. 
  • Meditations associated with the nine phases 
  • A ten-minute morning qigong routine. 
  • Defined intention and affirmation (s) to support ongoing wellness. 

About the Instructor
Lorrie Ann Formella, owner of Seasons of Life Empowerment, is committed to life- long learning and the sharing of practices that empower people to enhance their health and wellness. During her 35 years’ experience in organizational and staff development and project management, Lorrie has helped organizations and people improve performance, deliver results and become connected with services that both met their needs and enrich their lives. She applies these skills to her current role of teacher, practice leader, coach and mentor.

A cancer survivor since 2012, Lorrie attributes her quality of life to an integrated treatment approach that includes Tai Chi and Qigong and many other self-care methods learned while navigating through multiple challenges during the “seasons of life.” She is committed to planting seeds by providing education and practice opportunities that enable people to take charge of their health and wellness.

Lorrie holds a Masters of Arts in Organizational Psychology. She is a Tai Chi EasyTM Senior Trainer, a member of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC) faculty. Lorrie is also a 200-hour Certified Integral Tai Chi and Qigong teacher, having studied under the guidance of Dr. Roger Jahnke (IIQTC).

 Lorrie is also a certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Leader, a healing qigong developed by Master Chunyi Lin and certified in the Funadamentals of Rehabilitative Tai Chi and Qigong from the Institute of Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi.

She also holds a Whispers on the Wind Shamanic Certificate, Reiki Certificate (Level 1 & 2), Level 1 Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy.

She continuously learns and practices a variety of energy healing approaches that enable individuals to connect with their own healing capability. See more about Lorrie here. 

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Soul Retrieval with Peruvian Shaman, Jose Luis Herrera


September 12-15, 2019

An exploration into Andean Soul Retrieval techniques.  Join us in this hands-on training seminar and learn different soul retrieval approaches, tracking, assessment, the Cosmovision of the soul’s journey, ritual, and healing techniques.

Soul retrieval is a process of remembering, a journey of discovery. It is bringing back the missing piece of the puzzle into wholeness. It’s bringing the soul part home where it rightfully belongs. As the sense of “home” dawns in the healed individual. The veils of pain, resistance, or memory fade away to awaken dormant vitality, passion, and clarity towards life. Soul retrieval is an ancient practice that reassembles a fractured individual back into synchronicity with life. Lost attributes, passion, vitality, clarity, physicality, zest for life are recovered.

When soul loss happens and no healing or preventive therapies are in place. The psyche and luminous field are in disarray and one’s vitality leaks. As time rolls and the gap of memory deepens; it might affect the ability of the body to remember its healed state. The shaman’s task is to find the original trauma or event and not the replays.

Pre-requisite: This training is offered to mesa carriers. 


$735 non-residential
$780 camp
$855 shared cabin
$990 private cabin room (2 available)
(meals are included)

Class Time:
Thursday 2:30-Sunday ~2:00

About the Instructor:


José Luis Herrera is an exceptional workshop facilitator and international speaker on indigenous healing methods. Of Peruvian lineage, he brings 25 years of experience gained through extensive research, and apprenticeships with shamans of the mountains, jungle and desert. José Luis’ unique education of Engineering and System Science combined with this wisdom of the land and culture enables him to bring the voice, traditions, and wisdom of  indigenous cultures to the West. He is the Founder of Rainbow Jaguar Institute, and Chairperson of the non-profit organization the Andean Research Institute which is dedicated to the research and preservation of the traditions of Peruvian medicine people  and provides social outreach to impoverished villages. 

Cancellation Policy:
Refunds minus a $50.00 processing fee will be given until 15 days prior to workshop date. Refunds will not be given after that date. Exceptions are not made to this policy. 

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Mediumship with Mavis Pittilla

Mavis Pittilla, UK Medium

August 3-4

August 5-6

Sold out!

The Miracle of Communication 

with Mavis Pittilla & Jean Else

Join the renowned UK medium Mavis Pittilla, former senior tutor at the Arthur Findlay College, author and broadcaster to celebrate the “Miracle of Communication” and acquire a full and in depth understanding of the process for yourself and the Spirit World. This knowledge will enhance your belief in yourself and the Spirit World and will in turn allow your mediumistic link to be enriched.

Having shared these experiences Mavis, supported by her partner Jean, will help you deepen your communication skills through demonstrations, private sittings and inspirational speaking., the true “Miracle of Communication” can then be celebrated.

Mavis is the most experienced medium in the world today having worked for over 50 years and is thrilled to share her astounding knowledge and love of working with Spirit. Jean supports her in a practical and organisational capacity having been an educator all her life.

Mavis believes that mediumship is a great responsibility and that having solid foundations is essential. Students’ are always delighted by Mavis’ down to earth and caring approach and are blown away by her depth of understanding of Spiritual matters.

She works throughout the world and along with her partner Jean Else runs her own very successful mentorship programmes in the UK and USA, as well as on-line mentorship programmes helping people throughout the world.

Mavis has also helped train many of the well-known mediums around today.

You will have an unforgettable experience and enrich your spiritual journey that will transform your thinking as you progress on your pathway.

$395 commuter (lunch included)
$425 camping option
$450 shared cabin room
$495 private cabin room(2 rooms available)
(For residential options 1 breakfast, lunches, 1 dinner are included)

To Register: email us at with your option

Cancellation Policy:
Refunds minus a $50.00 processing fee will be given until 15 days prior to the workshop date. Refunds will not be given after that date. Exceptions are not made to this policy. 

Natural Approaches to Lyme Disease with Gigi Stafne


May 15, 2020 100-330 PM

Learn to support your body naturally with a variety of botanicals for Lyme Disease and co-infections.   In this class, explore herbs for prevention if you spend time outdoors, what to do naturally if you are bit, plus herbs and natural supports to address numerous aches and ailments associated with Lyme if you have already contracted it.  Join Gigi, longtime Master Herbalist and Naturopath who has been helping people with Lyme Disease and co-infections in CAM clinical settings and teaching venues in the Upper Midwest U.S. for decades. See more about Gigi Stafne here.

Make it a Retreat!  Add a shared cabin room Thursday evening with breakfast $40/person; private cabin room $85/person; camping $15/person.

Fee:  $50

Time:  630-930PM

About the Instructor: 

Gigi Stafne MH, ND is an activist, educator and writer within ecological, health justice and natural medicine fields.  She was long time  Executive Director of Herbalists Without Borders International, addressing issues of health and social justice globally and is current Director of Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine in the Upper Midwest United States and Ontario, Canada. 

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