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Whispers on the Wind Shamanic Program with Amy Wilinski


Are you ready for a change? 

Have you been searching for the meaning of your life?

Would you like to deepen your connection with Mother Nature and the Divine?

We invite you to join us on a life-transforming journey!

This is an intensive training program in the practice of energy medicine and shamanism. Whispers on the Wind Shamanic Program has evolved from the teachings of the indigenous healers from Peru and other shamans Amy Wilinski has worked with over the course of the past decade.  Our belief is that these teachings are not owned by any one individual, tribe or culture. These ancient teachings remind us of the interconnectedness of all God's creations and help us to recognize the beauty and gifts that lie within each one of us. 

This training meets four times over the next year for intensive training which will include lectures, hands-on practice, experiential exercises, and rites of passage. We will use the Medicine Wheel and the four directions of the Universe as a guide for your life's journey.  This program will lead you on a journey of personal growth, healing & transformation.   You will become skilled at shamanic energy healing practices to use with others.   We will explore ceremony and ancient rituals to allow you a personal connection with the Divine.

We begin this journey by looking to The Winds of the South. Here we learn about what is shamanism and explore core energy medicine and shamanism practices for ourselves and others.  We learn to shed those wounds of the past that no longer serve us or the greater good.  We connect in with that intuitive, still small voice within, so that our journey here on Earth can be guided by a higher power instead of being led by our fears and ego. We begin deepening our connection with Mother Earth and discover the gifts she holds.

The Winds of the West brings the energy of our shadows to Light.  We learn to look within and not be afraid of what we may find.  We track the imprints of karmic and ancestral patterns that impact us and our families. We will learn how energies such as fear, envy, and anger can penetrate our energy field and how to remove these using various extraction techniques. We learn to connect with the element of Air; recognizing that if we listen with our hearts we can hear God’s voice upon the whispers of the wind.

When we learn to listen to the voice of spirit upon The Winds of the North we find the grace and power in our life’s experiences. We learn to live in the "Now"; embracing each moment in our life and the gifts each experience teaches us.   We draw from ancient wisdom as we connect in with the collective unconscious and learn to find the sweetness in life, wherever our path may take us.  Here we learn the art of soul retrieval; how to recover the parts of our souls which have fragmented off due to grief or trauma so that we may feel wholeness and balance in our lives.  The element of Water is healing and rejuvenating and here we learn ceremony to bring these blessings through water into our life.

As we complete our journey in The Winds of the East, we learn to dream our world into being. This is the place of re-birth and we learn to be a mid-wife to the dying. Here we look at our life from the higher perspective of Eagle--seeing the big picture of our life's journey and the tiny details and how all those experiences helped to mold us into the person we are today--a person filled with grace and the Divine Light.  We connect with the element of Fire and expand that same Divine Light that is within to mirror that of the Divine.​

This training program requires a commitment to all 4 sessions. 

Held at Golden Light Healing Retreat Center in Sobieski, WI. 

Workshop Fee:


Lodging Options:

Camping $60 + tax

Shared Cabin Room $160 + tax

Single Private Cabin Room $340 + tax

Next Session

Group 21

Group 21

Group 21

Teachers! This schedule works with the school calendar! 

Winds of the South: June 24-28

Winds of the West: August 19-23

Winds of the North: October 28-Nov 1

Winds of the East: Dec 30-Jan 3

 Must attend all 4 Directions in order  

Group 22

Group 21

Group 21

Winds of the South: Sept 30-October 4, 2020 

Winds of the West: Dec 16-20, 2020

Winds of the North: March 17-21, 2021

Winds of the East: June 9-13, 2021

Must attend all 4 Directions in order 

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

  Refunds minus a $50.00 processing fee will be given until 7-days prior to the workshop session date. Refunds will not be given after that date. Exceptions are not made to this policy. There is no refund for unused services..